Asiya Doll

от Habib

Your doll musulmanochka name is Assiya. Throughout the history of Islam known many women who are an example to us of godliness. They did things worthy of true respect, and each of them can write a book. So I was named after one of them. In the Quran it is reported that she found Musa (alayhi Salaam) and took him to the Palace. In the year of the birth of Musa (alayhi Salam) and the Pharaoh ordered to kill all newborn boys of the sons of Israilevich. According to the commandment of Allah the Almighty, the mother of Moses put him in a box and lowered into the waters of the Nile. When the box with the baby floated past the Pharaoh's Palace, he found the maids of Asia and brought to her. Seeing the child, the heart of Asia was filled with love for him. And despite the strong desire of the Pharaoh to get rid of this baby, Asia has prevented that, and managed to persuade the Pharaoh to leave the child himself. Despite the fact that Asiya was the wife of such a reprobate and a scoundrel, as Pharaoh, she was a woman who believed in Allah Almighty. Due to the fact that she was a believer and took under his protection Musa (alayhi Salaam), Allah Almighty granted her a high degree. It is reported that the messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi WA sallam) said: "Most worthy of the women of Paradise are Khadijah binti Khuwailid, Fatima binti Muhammad, Maryam binti 'Imran, and the Pharaoh's wife Asiya, binti Muzahim" Asiya was very sincere and persistent in your faith woman. When it was time to worship, she found an excuse to retire to his room and there secretly made worship Allah. Assiya at for a long time hid their faith and worship. A more detailed history about Asia, read the set from the dolls of Assiya. All dolls are exclusive and handmade. Each doll its own name that corresponds to a known Muslim names with their detailed description, value , their role in the life of the Ummah.

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