Aisha Doll

от Habib

Your girlfriend doll musulmanochka name is Aisha. Aisha was born and raised in a Muslim family, which Muhammad ( ﷺ )often visited, as were friends of her father Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr in his yard built a small mosque in which he prayed all his family. Despite his young age, Aisha diligently memorized all traditions of Islam, because from birth he was endowed with a great sense of responsibility from an early age asked intelligent questions. She was endowed with a good memory, was not on years developed, spiritually and physically, and her comments about the surrounding people, events and phenomena astounded people. Muslim sources describe Aisha as a beautiful, smart, talented, well-mannered, modest and pious girl. After the prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) married Aisha, she moved into his house near the mosque. Aisha and the prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) loved each other. All dolls are exclusive and handmade. Each doll its own name that corresponds to a known Muslim names with their detailed description, value , their role in the life of the Ummah. All the dolls underwear, socks, knee socks, beanie, scarf and top-dress or suit, Sharia-compliant. On scarves brooches handmade with the help of which you can fix the scarf with the imagination of a child. Girls with dolls can pray, read the du'ā ha. all the dolls bent arms, hands and feet for namaz.

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